Protect your customers' tires with Titan Road Hazard Protection, a 36-month tire warranty and roadside assistance package. Easy for you to manage and sell, Titan requires little to no paperwork, no shipping and no upfront investment from you--you only pay for the coverage after the sale.   

Titan covers all your customers' roadside tire needs including:

·         Flat Tire Changing Assistance: Titan Tire can help your customers change a flat tire if they have a spare tire available. This service can be used once during the protection period and can be reimbursed up to $75 USD.

·         Flat Tire Repair: Your customers can have eligible tires damaged by a roadside hazard (i.e. nails, glass, potholes) patched or plugged at your facility (or another facility, if they are far) with a $20 reimbursement for the patch and labor. This service can be used twice during the protection period.

·         Flat Tire Replacement: If your customers' tires cannot be repaired, your customers can have their tires replaced with another tire of the exact make and model (or a comparable tire, if not available).