Looking for content to spruce up your waiting room, shop or website?


As a Certified Service Center, you receive a discount with AutoNetTV. AutoNetTV can offer you a range of high-quality automotive service videos and animations to entertain, educate and inform your customers. Their services include:


driveExperience: Lobby TV

Developed to replace cable/satellite TV, Lobby TV is a custom television program that entertains and informs your customers with automotive service videos, popular TV shows and more.


Though each program loop is approximately three hours long, Lobby TV is completely customizable by you! You can easily add your own videos as well as content unique to our Certified Service Center products and programs, such as Confidence Plus 24/24 Warranty and SafeRoute Roadside Assistance. Plus, with your own custom TV program, you never risk showing offensive content, depressing news or competitors' ads.


Typically costing less than cable or satellite TV, Lobby TV builds your customers' trust and boosts your service sales by reinforcing your service team and educating your customers on repair and maintenance. And, since Lobby TV's content changes on a regular basis, you can expect to see your sales in featured services rise accordingly.


Visit the product page to read about more features and benefits and watch a sample episode.


driveServices: Digital Menu Board

Built to replace boring, plastic menu boards, AutoNetTV's Digital Menu Board educates and entertains your customers by explaining services highlighted on your menu board.


For example, when you list a radiator flush service on your menu board, your customers probably don't know what that service is, but if you also have a video showing what a radiator flush service is and how it benefits them, your customers can now decide whether they want the service.


Since the Digital Menu Board is completely customizable, you choose what services to highlight. You can use your own ads, logos, coupons, etc. as well as AutoNetTV's library of award-winning automotive videos and animations, motion graphics, background templates, product images and pre-loaded sales text to design your Digital Menu Board.


You can quickly create a coherent, great-looking display for your shop with only a click of a button, using tools to:

  • update your prices.

  • add new sections.

  • schedule your promotions to automatically update in advance.

  • make your own playlists.

  • show video on demand.


To learn more about the Digital Menu Board's features and benefits and view a sample menu board, visit the product page. You can also view a sample menu board on Vimeo!


driveContent: Website Content

Increase your website's professionalism with AutoNetTV's content creation tool, Website Content!


With AutoNetTV's Website Content, you can easily add automotive videos, animations, images and more to your existing website without having to know code or ask your webmaster for help.


Website Content gives you access to AutoNetTV's massive library of videos to boost your credibility and customer awareness of your expertise and service offerings--attracting and engaging your customers to continue coming back you.


Like other AutoNetTV programs, Website Content is completely customizable. You can upload your own content or use AutoNetTV's. The program has a simple drag-and-drop functionality, so you can quickly find, add and edit content on your website. Add as much content as you want to your website and arrange and size it how you like. Plus, if content changes on the AutoNetTV Drive, the content you added will automatically update to reflect those changes.


If you have any questions about AutoNetTV's Website Content, please view the product page or call AutoNetTV at 801-492-9900. If you would like to view available content and are subscribed to this service, log on to AutoNetTV Drive.


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